Undeniable business benefits of cloud technology

Apr 29, 2019 10:38:00 AM / by Frontline, LLC

benefits of cloud technology

The cloud has evolved from being a mere trend to a significant driver of growth across almost every industry. Ignoring opportunities in the cloud is ignoring innovation, and that approach will lead to your business being quickly usurped by more agile competitors.

The rise of outsourced IT providers is a direct result of faster and more widespread internet connectivity and access to more affordable data centers than ever before. The business benefits are without a doubt, particularly in the case of smaller organizations that don’t have large, dedicated IT departments. Here are a few ways the cloud can help you take your brand to the next level:

Information security by design

Cybersecurity should be on every business leader’s mind these days as they find themselves facing increasingly stringent compliance regulations and a multitude of threats from all directions. If you’re relying primarily on in-house IT, then information security will be restricted by budget constraints, human resources, and even physical space.


Smaller organizations can hardly expect to implement the same level of security that massive companies like Microsoft, Amazon, and Google have in place. The cloud gives you access to the very edge of technology in the form of huge modern data centers that are among the most secure premises on the planet.


Software-defined scalability

Agility is everything in today’s fast-paced business world. With on-premises data centers now bursting at the seams due to ever-increasing demand, the need for more computing power increases every day. Business expansions used to require costly investments for wider office spaces, data storage capacity, server upgrades, manpower, and new workstations.


With cloud technology, it’s now possible to have your computing tasks handled offsite in remote data centers. This gives you access to as many resources as you need. With a fully software-defined infrastructure, you can effortlessly scale back and forth on demand. Instead of buying a new workstation for a new employee, all you need to do is create a new user account, and they’ll be able to get to work right away.


Proactive maintenance

Traditionally, business computing relied on the break/fix support model. When a server went down or a workstation packed up, you’d have to call in a technician and hope for the problem to be resolved quickly. In reality, invoices would start piling up while employees would be left facing endless loading screens that offer little to no indication as to when the issue would be resolved.


By migrating your mission-critical operations to the cloud, your service provider will be bound by their service level agreements (SLAs) to deliver reliable uptime and responsive customer support. Things like maintenance and upgrades will no longer be your concern, which takes us to the next big benefit.


Predictable cost structure

Cloud-hosted resources operate independently of the device and operating system belonging to the end user. Since everything is taken care of in a remote data center, it’s easy for staff to use their own devices and, even if they don’t, all they need is a barebones machine that connects to the internet and provides a monitor, keyboard, and mouse.


Thanks to the reduced dependence on on-premises hardware, there’s no longer a need for upgrades, and your in-house infrastructure immediately becomes low-maintenance. This leads to greater control over costs, since your IT infrastructure is delivered as a service in exchange for a predictable monthly fee.


Strategic guidance

A great cloud service provider isn’t just a vendor. They’re a dependable IT partner with a shared interest in helping your business grow. They’re not there just to make a sale, since their entire business model depends on offering excellent customer service and ongoing strategic guidance. On that note, partnering with a cloud service provider gives you the insights and strategic guidance you need to achieve technology alignment so you can keep running your business smoothly.


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