How to find out if your computer has a virus

Mar 29, 2016 1:00:31 PM / by Frontline, LLC posted in 2016mar29_security_a, bsod, freeware, Malware, malware security, pop-ups, Security, slow computer, Spam, Virus, virus warning signs


Your computer has been acting up a lot lately. It keeps crashing, it’s slow and, to top it off, you keep getting pop-ups you don’t want to see. If these problems keep occurring then your computer may have a virus. So is there a way to prevent things like this from happening again? While there are various antivirus solutions you can take, it’s best to know how malware affects your computer first so you can quickly recognize and deal with the problem. These are a few ways to find out if your computer has a virus before it’s too late.

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